Spring Break Camp at the Museum of Nature & Science

Monday, March 14 – Friday, March 18 9:30am – 3:00pm
Before and after care available.

While school is out, discovery is in this Spring Break at the Museum of Nature & Science. Explore a different topic every day, try your hand at clever crafts, and expect the unexpected with amazing activities!

Monday: Dino Detectives

Grab a shovel and magnifying glass – it’s a chance for budding scientists to discover dinosaurs! Walk in the footsteps of giant dinosaurs, learn the differences between dinosaur scales and feathers and help paleontologists dig for clues!

Tuesday: ABC’s of Wizardry

Forget what you’ve learned about wizardry in books, movies and television–and learn the “magic”of science! Concoct potions, experiment with chemistry, and explore flying machines. These wizardry activities are sure to set minds in motion!

Wednesday: Crass Critters

They’re slimy, slobbery and smelly – lots of animals and insects are gross! But fun activities and investigations reveal why there’s so much more to these crass critters.

Thursday: Mysterious Mummies

Unwrap the secrets of this ancient world. There’s plenty of science behind the engineering of pyramids and mummification. And,once those ancient hieroglyphics are decoded, the Egyptian secrets will be revealed!

Friday: Camp Castaway

Dive in and discover life in the ocean. Explore ocean dwellers that live near the surface and in the mysterious deep. Hoist the sail and man the deck by building ship replicas, then learn the swashbuckling stories about famous pirates!

Monday: Paleo Primer

Get the real dirt on fossils! Explore the ice age and how DNA plays a part in identifying dinosaurs. Learn how prehistoric plants have left their mark on the world. Discover the fossils of both while learning about amazing advancements in paleontology.

Tuesday: Academy of Wizardry

Wizardry is magical myth,but there is a lot of science behind all the hocus pocus. Explore DaVinci’s flight discoveries by building flying machines. Mix potions, play mathematical games and learn to “fly” with concepts of levitation and invisibility.

Wednesday: What’s Your‘ology’?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” There are so many amazing answers to that common question, and science is a fascinating field with many career potentials. Go behind the scenes and learn your‘ology’through the exploration of zoology, biology, geology and paleontology.

Thursday: Survivor Science

School and life in general can be tough, but imagine life in the wild! Learn survival tips like map reading and compass skills, find out how to stay hydrated and build shelters.

Friday: Junkyard Science

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. See how commonly discarded items can create energy, power machines and even make music!

For more detailed program information, visit natureandscience.org! Online registration.