Delucca: a Pizza Lover’s Dream

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Delucca Gaucho Pizza is a culinary experience unlike anything else. Inspired by an old and unique way of enjoying pizzas that has its roots in the gaucho’s land of South America, Delucca is a pizza lover’s dream restaurant.

Delucca Gaucho Pizza has locations in the Dallas Design District, Southlake, Plano, and Fort Worth. All locations are open. Reservations are recommended.

The Delucca Story

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Over a century ago, thousands of Italians immigrated to South Brazil and soon, they were sharing their tables, food, and wine, with the native gauchos. Both Italians and gauchos shared a passion for rustic cooking and abundant food. There were large family gatherings and endless celebrations around the grand kitchen tables in the farms. 

Decades later, the same gauchos who had created the Churrascaria Steakhouses, with its endless serving of roasted meat, envisioned a place where the guests could enjoy a similar experience, but with unlimited samplings of unique and handcrafted pizzas in a casual yet elegant place warmed by the sight and smells of wood-fired ovens. 

The gauchos named this new style of eatery Rodizio de Pizza and almost overnight, it became a huge success that until this day is the place to go for great food, great drinks and wine, laughter, and life-lasting memories with friends and family.

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!


Delucca is a Gaucho style continuous dining pizzeria. You pay a fixed price for a nonstop service of delicious handcrafted pizzas.

You start the Delucca experience with a fantastic lobster bisque to sip, house-made Kobe Meatballs with San Marzano sauce, and a platter of fresh rocket arugula and roasted garlic. Then your pizza dreams begin! The pizza servers roam throughout the dining room, offering you a variety of handcrafted pizzas with unique and exotic toppings. 

Don’t overdo it, because you will need to save room for the incredible dessert pizzas. 

The Fixed Price Tasting Menu Includes:

  • Chef Made Lobster Bisque With Brandy
  • Rocket Arugula Dressed With Lemon Honey Vinaigrette
  • House Made Kobe Meatballs & San Marzano Sauce 
  • Daily Selection of Handcrafted Pizzas
  • Gourmet Dessert Pizzas


Events at Delucca

Delucca  Southlake serves a fabulous Sunday Brunch with exceptional pizzas and terrific cocktails. Brunch is served from 12:00 TO 4:00 pm, and includes a complemtary Mimosa per adult guest.

Happy Hour features $5 cocktails and selected wines, $6 small plates, $7 pizza menu

Delucca offers digital gift cards…a perfect holiday giftFor more information, visit