Wildlife Photos by David Yarrow presented at Samuel Lynne Galleries

Samuel Lynne Galleries - David YarrowDavid Yarrow’s striking and iconic photos have garnered international acclaim, earning him a reputation as the premier wildlife photographer in Europe.

The Samuel Lynne Galleries will present an exclusive showcase of his stunning works in an exhibition on view from November 19, 2016 through January 7, 2017.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1966, David Yarrow is the son of Sir Eric Grant Yarrow, heir to the Yarrow Shipbuilding Dynasty and former chairman of Clydesdale Bank. David Yarrow developed an interest in photography at an early age.

While studying at Edinburgh University, Yarrow began professionally photographing sporting events, including the World Cup, the Winter Olympic Games, and the Masters Golf Tournament. Following graduation, Yarrow went on to pursue a career in the financial industry, ultimately founding Clareville Capital, the most successful hedge fund in Europe. After 20-years in the financial industry, Yarrow decided to revisit his true passion, photography and turned his focus to capturing nature’s fierce beauty.

Visiting some of the most isolated and pristine regions in the world, Yarrow photographs animal and human inhabitants in their natural, jaw-dropping environments. He goes to extraordinary lengths to capture his subjects in their most raw, authentic forms, often conducting extensive research and completely immersing himself in his subject’s habitat.

His dedication to portraying nature’s most precious and dangerous wildlife is truly astonishing. Yarrow is not only devoted to depicting wildlife in its most genuine state, but is also committed to protecting it through his work as the affiliated photographer of Tusk Trust, a leading African conservation charity, for which HRH Prince William is the Royal Patron.

Yarrow’s work was displayed in a number of solo exhibitions in 2015, including at the famous Bührle Museum in Zurich and galleries in New York and Amsterdam. Yarrow has exhibitions planned across the world in 2016, having recently showcased his photography at Dallas’ Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Yarrow’s renowned photographs are extremely well received within the industry and will be a significant addition to the Dallas art scene.

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