Heating Up the Stage at the Fort Worth Opera

The Ft. Worth Opera Festival continues to establish itself as a major force among summer opera festivals internationally. The company continues to showcase some of the best emerging talent in the business today, as well as mixing standard repertory with operas that both challenge audiences and appeal to a new generation of opera goer.”   – By Barihunks Blog

The Mikado

Gilbert and Sullivan
June 4, 2011

Treat yourself to an evening of vintage Gilbert & Sullivan, presented with a few surprisingly contemporary twists. Will Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum find true love? Will the Three Little Maids remain maids until the final curtain? Will the Lord High Executioner actually get to execute someone? Purchase your tickets for The Mikado online and save 50% off (Use code: OPERAFUN50)

Il Trovatore

Giuseppe Verdi
June 3, 2011

Come enjoy more riveting entertainment in one evening than you can get in a whole season of network This classic opera from Verdi has everything you’d expect from the very best: a love story, jealousy, revenge, a duel, a poisoning, a beheading and a burning at the stake. Purchase your tickets for Il Trovatore  online and save 50% off (Use code: OPERAFUN50)

Julius Caesar

George Frideric Handel
June 5, 2011

Combine one of history’s most famous wars with one of history’s most famous love affairs and you get one marvelous opera. The war is the Romans vs. the Egyptians. The romance, of course, is Caesar and Cleopatra. With the supporting cast of Cornelia, Achillas and others providing added treachery and drama. Experience this passionate story set to music that could only come from the genius of Handel. Purchase your tickets for Il Trovatore  online and save 50% off (Use code: OPERAFUN50)