Camp Gladiator: Live Adventurously

It’s time to get ready for shorts, tank tops and swimsuits. That means eating right and exercise. But why join a boring old gym when you can try the something new and adventurous – Camp Gladiator.

Camp Gladiator is not a gym, a fitness class or a running club. What they do is get you moving and get you fit. Outside in the elements… running, jumping, crawling, sweating, competing, and  believing with other like-minded individuals, working together to accomplish something for yourself.

Voted Best Boot Camp in Texas

Competitor Magazine, the leading voice in promoting an active lifestyle, conducted polls and Camp Gladiator was voted the Best Boot Camp in Texas. Camp Gladiator is now the largest boot camp in both DFW & Austin and will soon have that distinction in San Antonio. We have quickly become the fastest growing boot camp in Texas. Come find out for yourself what the fuss is all about!

Camp Gladiator starts April 25, 2011 in more than 60 locations all over the Dallas/Fort. Worth area.

Upcoming Camp Dates

CG26: April 25 – May 21

CG27: May 30 – June 25

CG28: July 4 – July 30

CG29: August 8 – September 3

CG30: September 12 – October 8

CG31: October 17 – November 12

CG32: November 21 – December 17

Attend Camp Gladiator for $50 off the regular camp  price.*
The discount code to redeem at is: CCITenant
*Offer expires June 2011. For more