Valentine’s Day at Biga on the Banks in San Antonio

When trying to impress your valentine, you had better know what you’re doing. Kids have it easy. They can get away with buying a box of cards, 24 for $2, scribbling their names with crayon on the back, still impressing all 24 of their classmates who receive one. Try this in an adult relationship and you could find yourself single, FAST.

Show your valentine that someone as special as she (or he) is deserves a dinner with a little sophistication. Somewhere that has great service and a menu that is as unique as it is delicious. And, most importantly, a place that doesn’t have a drive through window. Hey, I have a suggestion. What about Biga in San Antonio?

Biga on the Banks will be serving a Valentine’s Day Menu from Friday the 11th until Monday the 14th.

Biga‘s 4-day Valentine’s menu is a 3 course menu for $55 per person ($75 if you would like  to pair each course with wine). With choices in every course you are sure to find exactly what you will enjoy. More choices will be available for each course and some changes may be made. Reservations are a good idea. Go to to book.